This site DOES offer legal advice

National sites that advertise “do-it-yourself” wills and legal forms wouldn’t dare claim to offer legal advice. LegalZoom and other similar sites are required to state in their ads and on their websites that they don't offer legal advice or legal representation.

The Cockrell Law Firm can and does offer legal advice. is not just an internet business offering do-it-yourself forms. The Cockrell Law Firm is proud to offer legal advice and attorney-drafted Texas wills online through this website.

How it works...

  1. Complete our brief online registration and consultation.

  2. Submit payment through our secure processor.

  3. In 1-2 days, receive your attorney-drafted documents via email or (for a small additional fee) USPS Priority Mail.

  4. Sign, execute and store your documents following the provided instructions.

  5. Rest easy. Your wishes will be carried out according to your legal Texas documents.

Kendall Cockrell


Unlike other online will companies such as LegalZoom who don’t offer legal advice, is a service offered by an actual law firm who can offer you real legal advice. is a service offered by The Cockrell Law Firm and provides attorney-drafted Texas wills that are of the same quality as those that our firm offers clients who come see us in person.

Having your legal documents drafted by a Texas attorney is essential in our opinion. Each document you receive from The Cockrell Law firm is personally reviewed by an attorney from our firm.